Network Manager and edgy

Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at
Tue Oct 17 04:20:40 BST 2006

On 10/14/06, Scott Robinson <scott_ubuntu at> wrote:
> Both have packages and patches that have been (mostly) ignored by Ubuntu
> devs. I'm sick of this "process" and wasted effort, so I'm bowing out
> now.

I'm sorry to hear about it. Forgive me, really, for what I'm about to say...
I'm probably in a really bad mood after the whole Firefox x Debian debate
(or fiasco, take it as you wish). Process exist to help people manage stuff,
not otherwise. NetworkManager is great but (as a user) I'm constantly
reminded about its limitations (and bugs), and it's really strange to be
using a open source application that get stuck in time because "process"
turns out to be more important than "user needs".

Please - this is not a flamebait, nor a troll... perhaps I'm ranting a
little bit more than usual. But that's my sincere opinion, and I felt I
should state it here, in the hope that someone will listen. I still hope so.

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mail: carribeiro at
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