2 questions

Daniel Koć kocio at linuxnews.pl
Mon Oct 16 14:52:04 BST 2006


I'd like to ask about two things:

1) how does Ubuntu recognize CD containing Ubuntu-repositories? Is it a 
special directory name or maybe CD label? When I insert official Ubuntu 
CD a box appears allowing launching synaptic. I'd like to have the same 
functionality with other repositories CD/DVD (namely: 
http://cargol.net/%7Eramon/ubuntu-dvd-en customization scripts).

2) is it possible to put the ADSL modems firmware on Ubuntu CD? I mean 
for example very popular Eagle modems, for which we have proper driver 
included in the edgy kernel (ueagle-atm), but we miss the firmware 
(present on http://eagle-usb.org/ueagle-atm/non-free/) and the 
configurator (Gnome System Tools still lack "DSL" item). Is there any 
guidelines for inserting this kind of things to "restricted"?

I hope these are enough devel-related questions.

Kto powiedział "kasjer dupa"?!

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