(very important main package) Builds of ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts - 0.3: edgy i386 Failed to build

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Fri Oct 13 17:44:20 BST 2006

On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 03:43:07PM +0200, Vladimer Sichinava wrote:
> Would you be so kind to change that situation in Ubuntu 6.10 ? Is it
> possible to do an exeption?

There is no need for any kind of exception.  The fact that the package
does not build is simply a bug, and is already known.

I sent you the build log in case you could help to fix the problem, but if
you cannot, then there is nothing more for you to do, and no need to
continue sending mail about this problem.

 - mdz

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