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On Oct 10, 2006, at 2:30 PM, Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
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> There should be a documentation for new users on how to use Avahi for 
> filesharing, IM and Printer detection. To answer simple questions like
> - How do I share my files using Avahi under Ubuntu?
> - How will I use Avahi for Instant Messaging?
> - How do I detect my Boss's printer in the next room?
> ...

No, there really shouldn't. There should, however, be a page in 
Nautilus's help explaining how to share files. There should be a page 
in Gaim's help explaining how to see people online nearby. And there 
should be help available from the Print dialog, explaining (among other 
things) how to detect nearby printers. That programmers implemented all 
these things using something called "Avahi" should be irrelevant, and 
grouping such unrelated topics together in a single document would make 
them gratuitously difficult to learn.

> And provide answers that tells them what to grab/install and what to 
> configure.
> ...

That may possibly make sense as a single page, as long as Avahi isn't 
turned on by default.

Anyway, Daniel Robitaille is right, this is an issue to bring up in the 
ubuntu-doc@ list.

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