Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

m c markc.lists at
Wed Oct 11 12:06:24 BST 2006

On 10/11/06, Paul Sladen <ubuntu at> wrote:
> It is Mozilla that will loose branding (and revenue kickback) when Ubuntu
> does this.  Ubuntu just needs to work out how to sell Firefox 2.xx as a
> feature to users, when Ubuntu can't actually use the word Firefox.

That's an interesting point (revenue kickback). Currently Mozilla
receive very generous revenue from Google for the search toolbar
placement (allegedly nearly $75 million dollars), making them pretty
unique in terms of FLOSS. So if Mozilla decide to deny use of the
Firefox branding to Ubuntu, I think a cut of the revenue going to the
Ubuntu Foundation would not be exactly unfair or insignificant.

Even if Ubuntu has only ~2% of global Firefox users [well 150mil FF
vs. 3-6mil Ubuntu) thats a cool $1mil.

Anyway, even if we don't want to take money away from the Mozilla
Foundation (which wouldn't be very nice) Google has a reward scheme
whereby if you refer someone to using Firefox you get $1 or
thereabouts. Obviously the majority of new Ubuntu users probably used
Firefox before, however if we say 20% didn't or at least did not use
it exclusively, thats another $1mil. We could be rich!

Someone should do a dodgy deal at UDS-MTV, and get some money out of
our beloved GOOG :)


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