Network Manager and edgy

giskard giskard at
Mon Oct 9 15:03:29 BST 2006


As you probably know (ATM) we will not ship the last Network Manager [1]
release [2] in edgy.

I'm writing this mail because i think we should have the latest NM in

I've already prepared debs for the last NM, so no extra work for our
ubuntu-core-dev people is needed, you can find a copy of them here [3].

Why we should put it into edgy:

- Take a look at the Changelog [4], it's a bugfix release :)
- No new features
- It's already tested in Debian since august.
- We will close a lot of bugs
A list of closed bugs [5]:

52922 (patch taken from LP)(wich is the one of the Debian package)

63975 (patch taken from LP) (Ubuntu #42504) (Ubuntu #46136)
(48473 guess)

or, better to say, remove rml and j_hostap patch as 

a) the Debian package doesn't use them 
b) in case of the bcm driver people should use the one shipped with the
kernel and not via ndiswrapper. (wich works only on x86) 

40125 i cannot reproduce the bug with the latest version.
47825 this was a know bug fixed in a 0.6.x release 

thank you in advance

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