Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

Jan Claeys lists at
Sun Oct 8 15:39:27 BST 2006

Op zaterdag 07-10-2006 om 11:51 uur [tijdzone -0700], schreef Daniel
> Personally, I think all this is silly.  Users expect Ubuntu to be an OS
> that comes with many things, including a Firefox that looks like the
> Firefox anyone else uses.   And personally I never cared with all the
> small modifications Ubuntu do the Firefox before putting it in the
> repositories.  

I have seen upstream versions where people had to configure their
printer manually by entering a command line, you sure don't want to give
such a version to inexperienced users?

> Half the time I end up using the binary from
> because I want the latest security upgrades (without waiting for days),
> or I want to use a newer version than the one provided by Ubuntu (for
> example, I run FF 2 on Dapper).
> I think having a large delta between Ubuntu's Firefox and Mozilla's
> Firefox simply create more maintenance and support headaches than
> anything else . 

I think delays in Ubuntu might also (possibly) be caused by:

      * doesn't have to care about other programs that
        depend on (parts of) Firefox?
      * not releasing exact vulnerability info (I remember
        there were some problems with that in the past, maybe it's not a
        problem anymore--I hope so)?

Jan Claeys

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