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Fri Oct 6 09:29:05 BST 2006

Martin Pitt napisał(a):
> Hi Krzysztof,
> Krzysztof Lichota [2006-10-05 23:39 +0200]:
>> Wouldn't it be better to send crash report with unresolved backtrace and
>> MD5/SHA1 hash of libraries and do the matching of symbols on some
>> "symbol server"? 
> No need for the library hashes (recording the package versions should
> suffice, and that's what we currently do).

Unless user has corrupted file or installed library on his own.

>> I guess not many people can afford downloading -deb packages (which are
>> often larger than application package) through their Internet connection
>> just to send crash report.
> That's exactly what happens. apport-retrace is *not* part of the
> user-side of crash interception and report generation. apport-retrace
> is a separate tool for developers to analyze a report they got from an
> user. Currently this will mostly happen on developer's workstations,
> but in the future I hope we will get a dedicated service which uses
> that tool to process incoming crash reports.

Great! I missed the information it is for developers only :)

	Krzysztof Lichota

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