Edgy "Crash Reports"?

Jerry Haltom wasabi at larvalstage.net
Thu Oct 5 15:25:39 BST 2006

Probably a little late at this time, but I'd like to ask why only
non-Gnome applications are handled by appport?

It seems sensible to me that ALL crashes should be sent to Launchpad,
and then we should filter out Ubuntu-specific crashes and use LPs
upstream tracking to move the bug to the appropriate upstream.

On Thu, 2006-10-05 at 09:34 +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hi Lloyd,
> Lloyd D Budd [2006-10-04 13:59 -0700]:
> > There is a section in the Edgy Eft/Beta notes on [1], but no real
> > information is provided. Where do I find more information from a
> > user's perspective? 
> I think there is little to say about it. If a crash happens in a
> non-Gnome application, you'll get a dialog that explains what happened
> and asks you to file a bug (it opens the package's bug page in the
> browser and gives some explanations and an insight into the crash
> report).
> Are you interested in any further documentation? If there is something
> of general interest, I can create a wiki page for it.
> > So far my crashes have been triggering bug buddy which have been
> > going to GNOME bugzilla.
> The desktop team prefered to keep bug-buddy for the time being. When
> they decide that they want to use apport for gnome-bugs, they can do
> so by disabling bug-buddy by default. If you want to try it yourself,
> you can uninstall the bug-buddy package.
> > I have nothing in /var/crash/
> Heh, that's pretty surprising (I get crashes all over the place), but
> OTOH it's a good sign. :)
> > Is there something I should be doing to contribute more fully to
> > Ubuntu?
> If you are interested in trying and using apport, uninstall the
> bug-buddy package for now. Any other type of contribution is warmly
> welcomed as well, of course, please see the 'Contribute' section on
> http://www.ubuntu.com/community for some links and ideas.
> Thanks,
> Martin
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