edgy on x64: Request for extension of the /.hidden file

t u towsonu2003 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 06:47:59 BST 2006

Alexander Orlov wrote:
> Salve,
> Recently I have found the ".hidden" file in my / dir that prevents 
> some directories form being displayed in Konqueror. If that is a 
> good idea or not, is not the point I want discuss.

First, to clarify, this is not to start a discussion but to ask a
question, relevant to Edgy development as far as I can think. :)

isn't the hidden file a security risk for Edgy users? if a local
attacker finds a way to change it, wouldn't s/he be able to put anything
s/he wants to the user's home folder, without the user knowing about the
file. wouldn't this make the .hidden file a specific target of attackers?

I would be glad if you could point me to the correct mailing list
archive or forum or etc... if this was previously discussed. my searches
didn't reveal anything.

thank you.

PS. I am asking, not trying to discuss. I will not discuss whether it is
a good or bad idea, but trying to learn if this was thought about
before. A very simple "we discussed this in this and that mailing list /
meeting" would be enough. As I'm not using edgy, I just learned about
this new feature (and if you say that it is present in Dapper, which I
use, I will be all red and ashamed :) ).
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