How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Jan Claeys lists at
Tue Oct 3 23:14:15 BST 2006

Op za, 30-09-2006 te 19:57 -0400, schreef Samuel Cormier-Iijima:
> Perhaps a good way to start would be to educate developers about the
> "need" for 64-bit (or rather, how to go about making sure their
> applications work on other platforms?) I'm currently writing a
> bittorrent client (I'd love for it to benefit 64-bit users as well),
> but don't have a 64-bit platform to test it on, so I have no clue
> about the procedures for
> * making the source compilable -on- 64-bit (probably more an issue
> with gcc?)
> * making the source compilable -for- 64-bit
> * making the source be able to run on 64-bit

Just make sure your code doesn't expect a variable (type) to be of a
certain size (in bits/bytes) unless you explicitly specify the size.
And don't expect two different types that have the same size on platform
A to have the same size on platform B (except if the language
specification says they always are, of course).

> * releasing packages for other architectures (most of the debian/rules
> I've seen don't differentiate) 

That's what the build daemons are for (so you have to do almost

Jan Claeys

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