How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Arun Singh aruntahlan at
Sun Oct 1 02:37:02 BST 2006

I am new to this list & have been following this discussion for quite a
while now.
            Quite surprised that nobody is actually volunteering to
implement something that is finally going to add great value for the end
user. Granted, it's not technically neat, but if flash and other basic
plugins fail in 64 bit then the end user will not consider this ubuntu thing
to be technically neat either. Ok if 64bit widows doesn't do it either,
let's show them the way :) People here are considered to be linux pioneers
            I am willing to help in making this happen. Scoping up the work
should be a better way to use your efforts rather than having roundtrip
conversations here. Any idea abt the TED(Time,Effort & Developers) required
to do this. Remember the bottom line is "THINGS SHOULD JUST WORK" .

PS: I am little disappointed by the way this discussion has proceeded here.
But that's past, If there is a way let's do it.
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