Three installer questions

Mitch Golden mgolden at
Sun Oct 1 19:52:41 BST 2006

I have three questions related to the install process.

1) I have noticed that on two machines I've tried Dapper on, it properly 
recognizes the graphics hardware I am using but fails to put in some 
device options into the xorg.conf file that are needed to make the chipset 
work properly.  Specifically: On my Dell Optiplex GX100 I have an Intel 
i810 chipset (if memory serves) and this requires an

Option XaaNoPixmapCache

line in the xorg.conf file.  If it's absent I see weird 
striping/pixelation in the KDE menus.  I note that the KDE hardware 
configurer actually does add this line, but not the ubuntu installer.

I ran into a similar problem on my Sony Vaio PCG-XG19, with a neomagic 

(As you may note these are both somewhat old machines.)

2) I've recently learned that on Dell laptops, the CPU fan is controlled 
by the software, not hardware.  If you run the machine without the 
appropriate software, you can fry the machine.  I believe that therefore 
the i8kmon daemon should be installed out-of-the-box on these laptops and 
should be included in some way on the installation CD.  A package exists, 
but doesn't install the appropriate files to /etc/rc*.d to start the 
daemon on bootup.  I would like to include all of that as a part of the 
install, since Dell laptops are pretty common, and having them burn up 
because of an Ubuntu install is probably pretty bad publicity!

Can someone please point me at the right place to go so I can add these 
things to the installer scripts?


   - Mitch

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