Proposal for solving CD Size problems

Jan Claeys lists at
Sun Oct 1 19:48:25 BST 2006

Op do, 28-09-2006 te 22:38 +0100, schreef john levin:
> Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
> > As for removing some Winfoss -- we could do that and have gradually been 
> > doing it. For Dapper we removed OpenOffice which saved lots of space 
> > (adding back in some other things), though this was not universally 
> > popular with people using the CDs as FOSS promotion tools (like Software 
> > Freedom Day). The question is how much can we remove before it is no 
> > longer a Live CD with a collection of WinFoss, but just a Live CD + 
> > Firefox win32?
> Isn't it the case that we're trying to do too many things with one cd? 
> It's not only a live cd, but an install cd and a FLOSS-on-windows cd. It 
> cannae take much more, captain.

+1 on that, although I think the OpenCD or similar should be plenty to
get people to know open source on Windows.  We don't really need an
additional Ubuntu-derived CD for that, but maybe offering (something
like) the OpenCD through shipit might be an option.

My reason: I know exactly 0 (zero) people who ever used the Windows
programs on the Ubuntu CDs, and probably 95% of those who use the CDs
don't even know they are there.  A separate CD will attract more
attention, and thus more users...

Jan Claeys

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