Proposal for solving CD Size problems

Jan Claeys lists at
Sun Oct 1 18:39:28 BST 2006

Op vr, 29-09-2006 te 23:19 +0200, schreef Akexandre Strube:
> User:
> "Ooh, softhouse XXX says that new word processor is much faster than the
> previous version, so I should buy it. But it asks me for a new computer.
> Is this true?"
> Magazine:
> "If softwares were becoming faster and more efficient with time (they
> are not), the new version of your word processor would run on your
> previous computer, not on the next one."

> I thought it was a good and simple way to explain for their readers, 

I think "Magazine" is as wrong (or right) as "softhouse XXX" in this
case, and they both didn't explain things correctly.

E.g. more features might require more memory, but not necessarily a
faster CPU, so that program might require a new computer because the old
one can't hold enough RAM, while it might be really faster when the
speed is compared on the same CPU.

Jan Claeys

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