Webcam module pwc in 2.6.17-10-generic doesn't work

Christoph Langner mail at
Sun Oct 1 17:02:50 BST 2006

Hi There!

I use a Philips PCVC740K webcam on my computer. The webcam works with
dapper out of the box. But Edgy is a little bit more trouble. Right now
i have an up to date Edgy Eft with following kernel

# uname -r

When i connect the webcam via USB to my computer /var/log/messages shows

# tail -f -n 0 /var/log/messages
Oct  1 17:27:29 isleofskye kernel: [17198452.564000] usb 8-1: USB disconnect, address 13
Oct  1 17:27:38 isleofskye kernel: [17198462.072000] ohci_hcd 0000:01:09.0: wakeup
Oct  1 17:27:39 isleofskye kernel: [17198462.456000] usb 8-1: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 14
Oct  1 17:27:39 isleofskye kernel: [17198462.784000] usb 8-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
Oct  1 17:27:39 isleofskye kernel: [17198462.788000] pwc Philips PCVC740K (ToUCam Pro)/PCVC840 (ToUCam II) USB webcam detected.
Oct  1 17:27:40 isleofskye kernel: [17198463.184000] pwc Registered as /dev/video1.

So the webcam is recognized and should work under /dev/video1. But when
i try camorama with

# camorama -d /dev/video1

or camgrab

# camgrab -device /dev/video0 -output /home/toff/Desktop/test.png

i only get a grey picture. Nothing else. Just a plain gray picture. So i
got the latest pwc driver from

compiled and installed the kernel module and the camera works. In my
eyes it looks like the pwc kernel modules in edgy is broken.


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