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Wolf Halton saphil at yahoo.com
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My usplash screen doesn't display, just has some place-holders.  


PS I am running PIII Dell Opti-GX110 (32-bit, of course) in case it matters.  The Dapper usplash worked before I dist-upgraded.

PPS EyeCandy is of zero value to me.  I would rather have a light desktop than pretty pictures.  I am probably the only one who feels this way.  As soon as Edgy goes to production, I will update in XUbuntu.  One of the main reasons I am using Linux, besides it being so incredibly cool, is that I can run very lean resource usage if I want to.  

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Subject: Edgy Usplash. Hacks/Options?
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I love the look of the Edgy Usplash screens (I have Ubuntu, Kubuntu and

What I miss from the Dapper/Version is (and forgive my terminology here)
the scrolling list of startup services (which I presume are descendants
from similar display in GRUB bootsplash screens).

Since I've recently discovered that switching from one Usplash to
another (e.g. Kubuntu to Ubuntu) requires some undocumented procedures)
I was wondering if there is an undocumented procedure/hack to get the
startup services to appear in the Edgu Usplash screens (or a way to
look "behind" the Usplash screen -perhaps via an function key?)

If not, did anyone consider that users might miss this?

I won't argue that aesthetically the current Uspash screens rock. They
really do look great (particularly the Ubuntu one).  But I do miss the
startup stuff going by. It's helpful at times (which I suppose is why
it's traditionally appeared at startup to begin with).


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