How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

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Sun Oct 1 01:00:22 BST 2006

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>Subject: Re: How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?
>Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 01:36:13 +0200
>Le samedi 30 septembre 2006 à 16:57 -0500, Kilz _ a écrit :
> > That would result in a false syllogism
> > You cant say
> > 32k people asked for 32bit firefox
> > 40k people asked for Xgl
> > So Xgl is more important to users.
> >
> > For one thing it dosnt take into account that the 32bit version has a 
> > working Firefox and plugins. If it didnt imho the amount of people 
> > for a working browser would vastly outweigh the other.
>Ok, you can't say which one is the most requested. You can say that
>firefox32 and xgl are requested by part of the userbase though. From
>there it's up to the people doing the job to pick the one they want to
>work on (because they think that's the one that best serve users or
>because they have interest to that one) and that's what is happening
Yes its happening as you say, I cant make you do anything you don't want to 
do. I have asked questions on how long before multiarch will happen. It was 
announced in the Edgy Announcement. Sadly I have found out the person who 
was working on multiarch has been the most argumentitive. I have asked 
questions on why things look like they are going to be removed (ia32 
packages). I have asked how to get specifications written that will get 
looked at. I have tried to see if I could get something done for the 64bit 
No place have I said that this must be included in Edgy. True I may have 
become combative in some places, but so have others. To people talking, I 
have talked. Remember it takes 2 to argue. I have not started any new 
threads dealing with this issue. Its still the same one. As long as someone 
posts on it, I thought it was safe to post back. As long as its going on I 
think I owe it to 64bit users to keep trying.

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