How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Sun Oct 1 00:36:13 BST 2006

Le samedi 30 septembre 2006 à 16:57 -0500, Kilz _ a écrit :

> That would result in a false syllogism
> You cant say
> 32k people asked for 32bit firefox
> 40k people asked for Xgl
> So Xgl is more important to users.
> For one thing it dosnt take into account that the 32bit version has a fully 
> working Firefox and plugins. If it didnt imho the amount of people asking 
> for a working browser would vastly outweigh the other.

Ok, you can't say which one is the most requested. You can say that
firefox32 and xgl are requested by part of the userbase though. From
there it's up to the people doing the job to pick the one they want to
work on (because they think that's the one that best serve users or
because they have interest to that one) and that's what is happening


Sebastien Bacher

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