hoping for suspend2 support in feisty

Paulo da Silva psdasilva at esoterica.pt
Wed Nov 29 18:55:45 GMT 2006

Hervé Fache escreveu:
> Not at all, he is dealing more with Rafael now, and uswsusp and
> suspend2 are sharing funcitonality. He is doing the Ingo Molnar
> approach: a little at a time not to upset/scare anybody.
> Hervé.
> On 11/28/06, Trent Lloyd <lathiat at bur.st> wrote:
>> AIUI, Nigel has given up trying to get suspend2 merged, as the current
>> suspend maintainer doesn't want to merge it and wants to wait until
>> he implements uswsusp instead.
Why isn't there a script or at least a decent howto to let users
to choose/patch/compile their own kernels and restricted drivers,
even if not supported anymore by ubuntu?

For each release of ubuntu/kubuntu I managed to compile
my own kernel. One of the reasons is just the suspend2 that
works pretty fine with my computer. But I always needed to find
a tricky way to do that. For example for the edgy, after following
and changing an howto, I needed to install nvidia-drivers not
using the kubuntu/debian way. I think there should be additional
documentation to recompile the kernel and handle restricted
drivers. The lack of it is the main reason why I still didn't adopt
kubuntu for my production system.

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