why did Ubuntu turn off kernel preemption in Edgy?

Mike Bird mgb-ubuntu at yosemite.net
Wed Nov 29 02:02:16 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 28 November 2006 14:07, Johan Kiviniemi wrote:
> At 120 bpm, the length of a 32th note is 62.5 ms. There can easily be
> melodies that contain such notes. The latency should be no longer than a
> tiny fraction of the shortest note of the song.
> As Karoliina said, it's easier to play without hearing anything than
> hearing the previous note when you're already playing the next one.
> Even if it's not that bad, the sense of rhythm gets confused if the
> currently played note is heard with a noticeable latency.

Thank you for sharing your calculations.  I had been considering the
possibility - purely for fun - of creating instruments out of *wood*
which could emulate certain kinds of electronic sounds.  However, it
would take time for the frequences emitted by the vibrating wooden
boards to change once the stimulus had changed, so they would probably
be unplayable.

Worse still, in order to generate sufficient volume, these instruments
would have have to be of considerable size - perhaps of the order of
a meter or two.  In order to provide for complex tonalities, one would
have to build perhaps a hundred of these devices and place them, together
with a hundred operators, in some kind of sound pit.  With sound taking
50-80ms to cross such a pit, it would clearly be impossible for the
operators at opposite sides to coordinate their efforts.

You have saved me a vast amount of effort.  Thank you.  I think I'll
concentrate on my plans to bio-engineer a creamer substitute instead.

--Mike Bird

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