hoping for suspend2 support in feisty

Matt Price matt.price at utoronto.ca
Mon Nov 27 21:50:50 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-27-11 at 15:04 -0600, Travis Watkins wrote:
> On 11/27/06, Matt Price <matt.price at utoronto.ca> wrote:
> > I know this has been revisited numerous times in the past, but I am
> > hoping to get some measure of support for suspend2 in feisty.
> Nigel Cunningham told me swsusp and suspend2 didn't do anything
> different that would make suspend work or not work. suspend2's only
> pluses over swsusp are things like image compression or encryption.
> The reason people think suspend2 works on more systems is the tricks
> in the hibernate scripts for suspend2 that our own scripts don't have.
> The answer is to find out _why_ those scripts work and make sure our
> scripts get the same functionality, not toss out everything we already
> have (and thus break suspend for a different set of people).

I totally agree that we shouldn't toss out swsusp, which is why in my
spec I suggested that the solution was to enable suspend choices.  I do
think however that two reasons certain users feel strongly that suspend2
is superior are (1) the hibernate script is fairly straightforward to
customize, even if the customizations you requre are pretty extensive;
and (2) it's much easier to debug suspend2 using dmesg
and /var/log/hibernate.log.  In my own experience with the stock ubuntu
kernel, I simply could not diagnose my problems with suspending.  

This is doubtless partly becuase Nigel is so generous with his time on
suspend2-uers; if there were thousands of ubuntu users writing in I
guess that factor might change.  

So perhaps some user guidance on how to debug suspend problems is

btw, suspend2 now supports a "replace swsusp" option that enables
suspending just by echoing "suspend" to /sys/power/state.  One option
would be to build suspend2-enabled packages with this switch enabled,
and see if (in the absence of the hibernate package) the debugging
output of suspend2 sheds light on the problem.  


Matt Price
History Dept
University of Toronto
matt.price at utoronto.ca
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