Informal polls amongst ubuntu members/developers ?

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Mon Nov 27 18:06:35 GMT 2006

Sorry for this extra e-mail, but I forgot to comment on the topic: I do
believe forum-ambassadors and Launchpad polls a very good initiative to
get the people heard.

On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 04:51 -0500, t u wrote:
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> Oliver Grawert wrote:
> > well, preferably people would participate in the sessions at the
> > conferences, there are VOIP options, the specs get edited publicly in
> > gobby etc, so its very easy to take part (and thanks to gobby to even
> > write your own parts in specs from home).
> Hi,
> This is now mentioned a number of times as an argument, and I have to
> disagree with this point of view. It isn't that easy to be part of the
> decision making for regular users:
> The specs are not well announced and they usually end up being pretty
> complex creatures nearing towards being approved. You have to either
> have to catch it before getting more or less reviewed, or to read a
> whole wiki page and no one likes reading too much :)
> VOIP and gobby aren't good options for participation as the user will
> need to tweak around, learn new stuff, spend time etc. I, for one, just
> couldn't figure out how to monitor UDS straight forward, so I didn't
> pursue -this is what a regular joe/jane would do as well :) And believe
> me, I'm one dedicated regular user ;)
> The process of letting the end-user involved in decision-making needs to
> be simple -as simple as possible. That is why I have to disagree with
> this common argument that "there already are ways for people to join our
> decision-making process".
> I think the forum-ambassador spec and the poll idea are very
> constructive. The end-user shouldn't need to do much stuff, nor should
> s/he need to learn new software or spend more time than absolutely
> needed of her/him.
> Here's an example: the winmodem spec that I have been trying to promote
> obsessive-compulsively :) It has two components:
> 1. launchpad spec, mainly for developers and more experienced users
> 2. ubuntuforums poll, implemented before the spec, for anyone else to
> vote and to voice their concerns
> - From the end-user's perspective, it is very easy to provide feedback:
> read a few lines of description and then vote if you're interested.
> You'll be done within minutes.
> - From the developers' point of view, when you look at that spec, you will
> know instantly and almost for sure[*] whether the community wants it or
> not: in this example, 69.28% of 778 users *absolutely* want this while
> only 5.14% of the users *absolutely* don't want this. So deciding on
> whether to review or to just reject it is pretty easy (as far as
> userbase / PR is concerned).
> Spec:
> Thanks.
> [*] Not for sure = Statistically not feasible
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