Informal polls amongst ubuntu members/developers ?

Jan Claeys lists at
Mon Nov 27 12:28:37 GMT 2006

Op maandag 27-11-2006 om 10:08 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Oliver
> well, preferably people would participate in the sessions at the
> conferences, there are VOIP options, the specs get edited publicly in
> gobby etc, so its very easy to take part (and thanks to gobby to even
> write your own parts in specs from home). i agree that we should be more
> wordy about whats happening and when its happening during conferences
> (and also about how to take part) [...]

It's not only about being more wordy, but also about announcing
schedules in time and making sure people can find them.  During UDS, the
schedules often weren't available until some hours before they started,
and on at least one day they weren't linked from the start page from
which the previous days' schedules were linked...

If people want to participate from home, they will have to schedule
their time too, and most of them can't just call their boss to tell him
or her "I won't come today because of UDS".

Jan Claeys

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