Harddisk Encryption

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Mon Nov 27 18:06:39 GMT 2006

Op maandag 27-11-2006 om 19:33 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Karoliina
> On 11/27/06, Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> wrote:
> > As this is mainly targeted at 1. business users and 2. experienced
> > users, it shouldn't be in the live CD installer where it would only
> > confuse most users, but it could be an advanced option in the
> > alternative installer, to be used by (company) sysadmins.

> However, the assumption of company sysadmins installing
> Linux may be not so accurate. In many cases it is the employees
> themselves who install Linux since they can do it better than the
> sysadmins who are more Windows-oriented in some cases. E.g. which
> sysadmin would come and install (currently unstable, experimental)
> Ubuntu Feisty for me? I am using Feisty at work... 

I said business users (with the help of sysadmins) & experienced users.
If you can survive several Ubuntu development cycles, I consider you to
be an experienced user.   ;-)

(And if they don't know linux, they can't mandate using an encrypted
file system and at the same time allow you to install Ubuntu, as they
won't know if you actually do what they require.)

Jan Claeys

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