Non-opensource drivers

Karoliina Salminen karoliina.t.salminen at
Mon Nov 27 12:20:45 GMT 2006

> Users who insal Ubuntu ---->*DO*<---- know what is free software :)

I tend to disagree. End users install Ubuntu because they want a nice OS.
E.g. my friend's 70 year old mother that runs Linux on her computer
has no idea about free software or closed source or what the heck is
source code, she has even difficulties to follow where the mouse
pointer goes etc. (so to fix that, she uses the eyes-applet on the
gnome panel "Geyes").

Ok, granted, she didn't install the Linux, I did - she couldn't have
installed Windows either, anyhow, unlike her friends in the grandma
club, she is running Linux while the others are using unmaintained
Windowses with no security fixes that are full of viruses, worms,
spyware, botnets etc.

But it should be noted that end users aren't necessarily very advanced

As a response to another message:
>There are many things that "should" work but don't...   ;-)
> Anyway, I don't see how it would be useful to drop people into a 640x480
> screen and then ask them whether they want to install better drivers,
> because in that case it's their only option to use Ubuntu as a desktop
> OS (640x480 is too small for many Ubuntu programs and configuration
> panels to fit on the screen).

My Apple Cinema HD Display for example shows blank screen at resoltion
640x480 (connected to Dell Latitude D600 with DVI). So far, the only
resolution I have got it working at all (e.g. showing some image) has
been the 1920x1200. You know, the Apple display doesn't show any error
messages on screen, it only turns on the white led to let know that
something isn't working and it doesn't specify what is wrong, it just
doesn't work. Then as an answer to question, why I am using Apple
display with a PC without using a Apple hardware, just because it is
so good display when it works and it looks cool too.

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