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James "Doc" Livingston doclivingston at
Mon Nov 27 07:48:11 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 06:48 +0100, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> Corey Burger skrev:
> > It seems you want to put a binary driver of questionable quality in
> a
> > final release. The bug triage alone would be unbearable.
> Hardly, given that we basically don't support the nvidia driver.  We 
> ship it and update it, but we don't do anything resembling meaningful 
> bug triage on it.

I personally think that the Ubuntu team should have some responsibility
toward the packages that are shipped and installed by default - that
responsibility being fixing bugs and/or forwarding them upstream to the
developers who can.

In the case of the proprietary NVidia drivers that can't currently
happen, because there is usually no way to produce a meaningful bug
report. The most recent one I've seen is [0], for which I'm happy to do
any and all diagnosis, testing or fixing necessary - if someone can
actually give something useful.

I personally have experienced a lot of nasty (crash or hang X or the
machine) bugs with the proprietary drivers over the past few years with
a variety of cards, machines, distros and driver versions. . In every
case the answer has basically been "there isn't anything we can do
about" and usually followed by "we have $LARGE_NUM reports of similar

If there any planned change to this response if Ubuntu is going to
install those drivers by default? because I don't think the current
state is anywhere near good enough for it to be described as "officially



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