mail-notification: different changes made in both Ubuntu and Debian to the same file

Pascal Giard evilynux at
Mon Nov 27 06:32:11 GMT 2006

Hi Stefan and Martin,

On 11/26/06, Stefan Potyra <sistpoty at> wrote:
> In case the debian package addresses all changes done to the ubuntu package, you should request a sync instead.

I believe this is the case.

> Since I can't find the link to the
> relevant info right now, here a short summary of what's needed:
> * file a bug against the source package
> * include all debian changelog entries since the last ubuntu version
> * shortly describe each ubuntu change and why it can be dropped

> + if you're a MOTU: subscribe ubuntu-archive
> + else: subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors and wait for an ack, then subscribe
> ubuntu-archive.
> * wait until sync done ;)

I'm there.

> Anything unclear?

There were, i didn't get that ubuntu-universe-sponsors was a team on
launchpad and that i had to subscribe it to the bug.
Joining IRC and asking did the trick ;)


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