mail-notification: different changes made in both Ubuntu and Debian to the same file

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Mon Nov 27 00:56:14 GMT 2006

Hi Pascal,

(cc-ing Martin: you've been the last to touch mail-notification in ubuntu).

Am Sonntag 26 November 2006 17:54 schrieb Pascal Giard:
> Hi,
>  i'm willing to help in merging changes i've made to the debian
> package into ubuntu as many ubuntu's bugreports have been fixed in my
> current debian package.
> Where do i start?

I'd start by looking at the delta that has been introduced in the ubuntu 
package. The ubuntu changelog should (in theory) be all that's needed to find 
this out. debdiff will also be your friend if theory doesn't apply ;).

I usually start then with the debian package and redo every change that has 
been done in ubuntu (if no equivalent change has been introduced in the 
debian package).

Other people prefer the report available via [1], [2]? though (TBH. I never 
used any automatic tool to do a merge yet).

Finally you should provide a package/debdiff which has:
* applied each change from the ubuntu package, that is still needed for ubuntu
* has a version number -Xubuntu1 (where X is the newest debian version number, 
e.g. so for mail-notification that would be 3.0.dfsg.1-10ubuntu1)
* lists all remaining changes in the last changelog entry (see [3]).

In case the debian package addresses all changes done to the ubuntu package, 
you should request a sync instead. Since I can't find the link to the 
relevant info right now, here a short summary of what's needed:
* file a bug against the source package
* include all debian changelog entries since the last ubuntu version
* shortly describe each ubuntu change and why it can be dropped
+ if you're a MOTU: subscribe ubuntu-archive
+ else: subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors and wait for an ack, then subscribe 
* wait until sync done ;)

Oh, when doing a merge it's always good to look at ubuntu *and* debian 
bugreports against the package; I assume that you know how find both.

Finally, if you've done a merged package, you should 
1) preferable attach a debdiff to a bugreport against the sourcepackage, and 
assign it to ubuntu-universe-sponsors, or
2) upload the package to revu (only really good for merging new upstream 
versions), see [4].

Anything unclear? Feel free to ask on irc, #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-devel on 
freenode, or just mail back to me. For specific questions about 
mail-notification, I must admit that I don't know anything about the package, 
so Martin could help you more (and in case he's to busy, you could also ask 
on the ubuntu-motu mailing list [5]).

P.S.: Big thanks for your packaging work on the debian side, and I'd also like 
to thank you for your interest in ubuntu.

      Stefan aka sistpoty
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