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Mon Nov 27 02:46:20 GMT 2006

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Ben Collins wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 00:24 +0000, Toby Smithe wrote:
>> On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 19:11 -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
>>> On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 09:41 -0800, Adam Dingle wrote:
>>> For feisty, I'm considering a low latency targeted kernel for audio
>>> users. However, I'm a little reluctant, mainly because I never hear from
>>> any of the multimedia users (like you) who are interested in this sort
>>> of functionality until after we release, which for me means I wont get
>>> any testing on these kernels until after it's too late to fix things.
>> I think we would be more able to test a kernel if it was available ;)
>> Everyone at Ubuntu Studio would love this, and you can take that as a
>> given. If we get a kernel ready for testing, we will test it!
> That didn't seem to be the case for edgy, considering no one mentioned
> it until after release :)

This and the closed-source driver discussions around here seem to
indicate that there is a lag / wall of communication between what the
developers are planning for a release and what the dedicated users want
(or, are willing to do). I started to think that we need a third party
to tell the users what the devels are after:
1. before the release and
2. before the important decisions are finalized[1]

something like an announcement list (should be integrated with
ubuntuforums.org) where subscribers will see messages like:
"We will decide on whether we will make the users install closed-source
drivers by default in one week. If you have any objections, please let
us know via the <link to some feedback page that *will* be taken


"We are considering a low latency targeted kernel for audio users.
However, we are a little reluctant and we need testers! See <wiki page
with instructions for testing and contact info> for more information...
We will make the final decision 1 month prior to the Feisty release."

I hope I'm not making any unnecessary noise on the ML by suggesting this :)


[1] I don't think the launchpad spec page is really usable for this kind
of communication...
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