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> On 11/26/06, *Henrik Nilsen Omma* <henrik at
>     Letter campaign button
>     a letter of
>     complaint/encouragement to Nvidia or ATI. Clicking takes you to a
>     web-page where you can add your signature, send an email or download an
>     OpenOffice file of a pre-written letter to the relevant graphics card
>     maker.

This part is very cool, although buried a bit :) I'd make it much more
visible and go with an *automated* web page that let's the user sign the
page and click on the "submit" button, which will send the letter
automatically to ATI or Nvidia. "Automatically send" is the key section
(think American, right?!) ;)

>     It should be available in the user's native language. 

very very nice :) You will also need to make the letter offline so it
can be submitted online later. Some people will *not* have networking
available when they instal Ubuntu. And yes, I mean the winmodem users :)

A copy of the letter (odt? pdf? txt?) dropped to the Desktop just in
case perhaps?

Oh, also, the letter should be brief, so the user will have some
inclination to sign and send it... after... *reading*... ehueh


imho the "letter" idea should be a spec by itself and marked as a
dependency of the rest of this x-acceleration mess so that that mess
cannot get implemented without proper implementation of your letter
campaign idea.

PS. please let us know here + on the forums + irc how to contribute to
this idea.
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