build my own kqemu and install it debian way

Mihamina Rakotomandimby mihamina.rakotomandimby at
Mon Nov 27 00:09:44 GMT 2006

I run Ubuntu Edgy, and I follow this steps:

I encounter this error:

        mihamina-mainty>>>>sudo modprobe kqemu
        FATAL: Module kqemu not found.

- The package is already installed
- Did not encounter error during building
- This is my kernel:
        mihamina-mainty>>>>uname -r
- I already contacted the tutorial author, he has no working Ubuntu
installation for the moment, he cant help fixing.
- I know the status of the kqemu licence, I just want to install things
through dpkg as much as possible.

Would you know why do I encounter the problem?

PS: Take care of where the answer is followed-up. I am subscribed to all
these ML, may be you are not, so you answer may not be viewable... I
crossposted for convenience.

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