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Sat Nov 25 10:12:42 GMT 2006

"Shark Muddleworth" <shark.muddleworth at> writes:

> Canonical's recent decision to include proprietary GPL violating
> drivers in the default install, circumventing the copyright framework
> clearly articulated in the GPL has sent shockwaves through the
> community.=20

Well, he has (or they have) some point here. The plan to ship the
proprietary ati and nvidia drivers by default for feisty is
controversial for itself enough. What I consider even more problematic
is that this does not seem to have been discussed at all with and
withing the ubuntu community. In fact, the first time I heard about this
is by reading Corey's blog entry at [1].


I'm still somewhat shocked. I remember that there was a really good
debate if dapper should be delayed for two months extra development
time. We had 3 IRC sessions for all timezones, and literally everyone was
heard about his opinion. For this case, there wasn't even a debate on

Is this a new trend in ubuntu development? Please not!

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