Web Filtering for Edubuntu / Firefox

James McDermott jim at purpleelephant.org
Wed Nov 22 19:19:02 GMT 2006


I am looking for a good web filtering application for Edubuntu Version
6.1 (EdgyEft) server thin-clint configuration. 

I tried to install Dan's Guardian using the information on the website:


and the install of squid failed so I uninstalled squid using the
Synaptic Package Manager and searched for another solution. 

I then tried to install Dan's Guardian using the Synaptic Package
Manager repository World Wide Web (Universe) and it failed due to
dependencies problems. 

I then discovered that Mozella Firefox on Windows has a Web Filter:


When I tried to setup the filter in Edubuntu with Firefox/2.0 (Ubuntu
Edgy), I discovered that the Linux version of Firefox does not have the 
capability to setup proxies for Internet Connection? I searched through
the browser preferences and could not find the options to setup the
filter as described in the above link.  

The folks who will be using these server thin-client systems may lack
the skills to do command line installs. It would be great to have the
ability to install a good web filter using the Synaptic Package Manager
where all the dependencies are resolved or have the ability to setup a
filter using Firefox preferences.  

Are there any good easy to install web filtering applications for




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