Madwifi-ng tools missing

Hervé Fache Herve at
Mon Nov 20 19:24:23 GMT 2006


Edgy's kernel now ships with the Madwifi-ng drivers AIUI, which
present a number of regressions compared to Dapper's. I was very
surprised that one cannot use 'iwconfig ath0 mode ad-hoc' to change
the mode, for example.

As it happens, Edgy does not ship with the required tools to achieve
this, called wlanconfig. I did file a bug [1] about that, but it was
rejected and then ignored despite my insistance on it being rejected
by mistake (mismatch with linux-wlan-ng). So Edgy does not support
ad-hoc, monitor and master modes for Atheros chipsets, as Dapper did.

What is more, trying to compile and use the tool to change the mode
did not lead to a working master or monitor mode (I did not try

I think the correct path from here would be to ship a new kernel with
the drivers we had in Dapper, that Just Worked. Failing that, it seems
to me urgent to provide the Madwifi-ng tools.



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