Carlos Francisco Ferry carlos at gnu.cl
Sun Nov 19 08:46:38 GMT 2006

There is an easy-ndiswrapper request at launchpad
according to this request  I am thinking about make a l little program  in
perl which would recognize all the wireless cards which doesn't "work out of
the box" <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported>

if I'd complete this application would be useful? should I do it? anyone
would like to do it with me? (it's a very long list)

I've attached the code , it's of course very very very incomplete, but
that's the idea.
I am thinking about add a sub function to recognize each wireless card.

sub recognize {
print "installing drivers for $wireless";
installing commands would be here.
 and other stuff, if anyone is interested please reply me an e-mail, there
is no time to lose, there are a  big wireless cards waiting.



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