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Sat Nov 18 20:47:49 GMT 2006

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> hi,
> Thank you for working on that. 
No probs :)
> Could you try working with the maintainer
> on the Ubuntu package
Yep, I should have, sorry for that, will do next time :)
>  rather than providing un-official packages and
> pointing people to them thoug?.
Well, it goes the other way around though, I had the package on my repo 
and answers
to the previous mail.
>  Such packages created a bunch of
> upgrades issues to edgy by example.
Well, it did not on my boxes. Anyway, that's an unofficial repos, people 
should know that
they won't get the same quality than an official repo.
But in the end, they might still appreciate to be able to run gaim beta5 
on edgy.
I do actually enjoy to find new version of package on unofficial repos, 
so I don't have to
compile/make or package it myself.

regards, chantra
> I've upload gaim 2.0beta5 to feisty yesterday, I would recommend people
> to not use unofficial packages for it. For edgy feel free to open a
> backport task on launchpad, the backport team can probably work on that
> Cheers,
> Sebastien Bacher

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