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I would say check your installation.  My workspaces work fine, and my
windows maximize correctly.

On 11/17/06, Scott J. Henson <scotth at> wrote:
> Mattias Eriksson wrote:
> > In the workspace switcher preferences you just select 1 workspace and it
> > will work as before.
> >
> Thanks, that seems to make things work in a sane manner. I
> can't find any documentation about that in the package.
> Maybe when you enable the desktop effects, it should check
> for your number of workspaces and tell you about that or fix
> it itself?
> Another quick question.  Maximization of windows doesn't
> seem to work with the desktop-effects turned on.  It doesn't
> take into account the bottom panel, so you get a little bit
> of each window, usually the status bar, cut-off.  Its a
> little annoying and you have to manually size the window if
> you want to see everything.  Any fix for that?
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