Prototype for the time machine similar solution as you noted in h-u-b whiteboard.

Sivan Greenberg sivan at
Wed Nov 15 20:57:59 GMT 2006

Ulrik Mikaelsson wrote:
> Don't know if I've totally missed something, but for local backups, 
> isn't it possible to use the snapshotting feature of LVM? Should be 
> quite fast, I think?

I believe that the complexity of a back end essentially dictates how 
complex it's UI as a fron end, as we are aiming for something simple and 
usable by even newest people to Ubuntu. I can't see mandating LVM 
installation could align with that actually. However, if we had LVM by 
default like in recent fedora and red hat we could probably use this to 
achieve the "Time Machine" functionality by wrapping it up in a nice 
similar UI.

More thoughts ?


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