Kernel plans for feisty

Philippe Clérié philippe at
Wed Nov 15 15:08:11 GMT 2006

Just a thought: I noticed recently that on Debian they have official kernel
builds for linux-vserver. Are there any plans to do the same?

I noticed also there are no vserver kernel for edgy on the uniklu
repository. I was wondering if that is going to remain the case. I really,
really liked having those kernels. Thanks.


Ben Collins wrote:

> As some of you may have noticed, 2.6.19-rc line is in feisty already. As
> some of you may have guessed, this is the planned kernel for feisty
> release.
> You'd be correct in this assumption except that based on several bits of
> information (outlined below), I've decided to push for 2.6.20.
>  - paravirt-ops is a feature we really want. Supporting both vmware and
> xen will be much easier with this patch. It is expected to hit 2.6.20.
> If it doesn't, we don't lose anything.
>  - There are some planned power management enhancements also expected
> for 2.6.20. Definitely not officially going to make it, but like
> paravirt-ops, if it doesn't, we don't lose anything.
>  - In previous releases, we've opted for the safe kernel version, which
> means we usually had 3-5 months or more of testing on the kernel after
> it was released. It also meant we were at least one kernel version
> behind once we released the entire OS. We want to strive for the latest
> to support the most hardware.
>  - Given current release cycles of upstream, I'm estimating that 2.6.20
> will be out around 2/13, which gives us plenty of time to stabilize, and
> gives us some leeway even if it takes a little longer before upstream
> releases 2.6.20.
> This is mainly just a heads up, but comments welcome.

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