Kernel plans for feisty

Ben Collins ben.collins at
Tue Nov 14 16:10:21 GMT 2006

As some of you may have noticed, 2.6.19-rc line is in feisty already. As
some of you may have guessed, this is the planned kernel for feisty

You'd be correct in this assumption except that based on several bits of
information (outlined below), I've decided to push for 2.6.20.

 - paravirt-ops is a feature we really want. Supporting both vmware and
xen will be much easier with this patch. It is expected to hit 2.6.20.
If it doesn't, we don't lose anything.

 - There are some planned power management enhancements also expected
for 2.6.20. Definitely not officially going to make it, but like
paravirt-ops, if it doesn't, we don't lose anything.

 - In previous releases, we've opted for the safe kernel version, which
means we usually had 3-5 months or more of testing on the kernel after
it was released. It also meant we were at least one kernel version
behind once we released the entire OS. We want to strive for the latest
to support the most hardware.

 - Given current release cycles of upstream, I'm estimating that 2.6.20
will be out around 2/13, which gives us plenty of time to stabilize, and
gives us some leeway even if it takes a little longer before upstream
releases 2.6.20.

This is mainly just a heads up, but comments welcome.

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