Jeffrey Stratton jlstratton at
Sun Nov 12 04:24:10 GMT 2006

Houston, we have a network problem.

I've tried *unsuccessfully* to perform 'ltsp-build-client' 3 times now.  It 
gets to the around the Get:199 edgy/main *some 
file* when suddenly I receive a nice little case of

Err edgy/main discover1-data 1.2006.01.14ubuntu2
  Error reading from server - read (104 Connection reset by peer) [IP: 80]

to which the script attempts to go on and retrieves other files, then dies a 
horrible death.  There is NO recovery that I've seen.  If I attempt it again 
WITHOUT deleting /opt/ltsp, then all kinds of havoc occurs.  Simply put, 
ltsp-build-client needs to maintain a 'state' file so it knows where to go 
in the process if something like this occurs.

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