UDF Filesystem as replacement to FAT*, ISO9660, and other Filesystems.

Phillip Susi psusi at cfl.rr.com
Mon Nov 13 15:49:57 GMT 2006

Scott J. Henson wrote:
>> b) Here and in that spec, tell us the benefits udf has over, say, ext3.
> Native read/write support on all operating systems.  I don't
> think he is suggesting that udf replace ext3, he is saying
> udf should replace vfat.  Not sure what the benifits are of
> udf over vfat.

UDF can store posix file permissions unlike vfat, which is handy.  I 
once tried formatting a hard disk partition with udf to see if I could 
use it as a shared partition between windows and linux that would 
properly keep permissions, but alas, Windows refused to recognize it on 
a hard disk.  Also Windows does not contain native write support for 
optical media; you have to install third party packet writing software.

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