Avoid locking the screen on public computer

Scott J. Henson scotth at csee.wvu.edu
Fri Nov 10 03:56:43 GMT 2006

Xavier Claessens wrote:
> hi, I'm managing public computer at university running ubuntu dapper. We
> have a problem: users lock their screen and never come back letting the
> computer unusable for other people. Some users also get confused by the
> "switch user" option which lock the screen and starts a new gdm which
> isn't what want.

Like Dennis said, pessulus was made for that.  We use it to
disallow the switch user dialogs.  As for users who have
left themselves logged in, ctrl-alt-backspace is the
solution we generally use.  Its more of a policy decision as
to when its ok to kill a users session.

Scott Henson
LCSEE Systems Staff
WVU MAE Undergraduate
Ubuntu User

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