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Chris Budden chrisbudden at
Tue Nov 7 11:31:17 GMT 2006

On 11/6/06, Sivan Greenberg <sivan at> wrote:
> Hi Erast!
> Erast Benson wrote:
> > I would recommend also to take a look on MacOSX "The time machine"
> > backup system:
> > to get some ideas of ideal backup solution.
> >
> Some time ago I played with using bzr to be able to go back and forth on
> revisions of system configuration files and data. We could through a UI
> on top of it to enable users to actively mark restore points , or use
> some hook such that it would be configurable to have bzr take automatic
> snapshots of system areas before dist-upgrades, problematic package
> installs, running community scripts etc.
> Sivan
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Something I thought of whilst using hubackup today.
It could do with a way of showing the user what file it is backing up
at the moment, and how long is left.  I noticed that you can see what
file is being added to the archive if you use it via the terminal, but
something like an "Advanced" screen would be helpful.


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