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Caroline Ford at
Wed Nov 8 16:12:04 GMT 2006

On 08/11/06, Sebastian Heinlein <glatzor at> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 07.11.2006, 21:25 -0800 schrieb Corey Burger:
> > As for 6.10 it installs Recommended by default. As for a UI for
> > showing suggested packages, there is nothing currently. Want to spec
> > one out?
> The recommends support is currently only available for metapackages. We
> still need to clean up the recommends of many packages.
> I am unsure if we really need a GUI option for this. Since the
> recommends also have got dependencies, the confirmation dialog would get
> quite complex if you allow to uncheck recommends there.

I think add/remove programs should probably install recommends by default as
the users of that interface wouldn't go digging around in synaptic to see
what they should have installed for extra functionality. It just working
should be a higher priority than disk space/bandwidth limits.

We do get bug reports when people cannot find some packages (documentation,
music etc)and presume we don't ship them as they weren't automatically

Users who want the extra control should be using synaptic anyway.

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