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Mon Nov 6 21:28:53 GMT 2006

Op zaterdag 04-11-2006 om 02:34 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef t u:
> Both me and my girlfriend are excited about Munich's move. Similar to
> the Spanish government, the Turkish government also seems to be
> interested in adopting desktop linux (called "Pardus") in their offices.
> They started implementing it in some military offices.
> I perceive it interesting that each government prefers to have its own
> Linux distro instead of going with a major distro. But that's offtopic ;) 

AFAIK Munich uses Debian, and the Spanish region uses Ubuntu.  They just
have their own "version" because they probably want to change some
defaults and maybe add some specific links & programs that are useless
(or less useful) outside of their own use, but save _them_ a lot of time
when installing.  It's the same inside some companies, e.g. Google's
"Goobuntu" or IBM's internal Linux distro, which is based on Red Hat or
Fedora IIRC.

Jan Claeys

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