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Fri Nov 3 23:02:14 GMT 2006

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> Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 09:56:49 -0600
> From: "Scott White" <scott.w.white at>
> If we choose not to include it on either the primary or alternate CDs then
> we are only causing less testing to be performed with the necessary
> packages.  I've fully convinced that this will always be an Achilles heel
> for Ubuntu until FakeRaid support is out of the box and requires little
> work.

It wouldn't be that hard to accomplish.  dmraid (version 1.0.0.rc13)
should just be included in main, and included on the live cd as well.
Ubiquity also needs some fixing so it works on the raid as well; I
wasn't able to get it to work.  But using debootstrap isn't that
difficult, at least.

> I understand the case for LVM and that software RAID is a better solution
> that FakeRaid, UNLESS you are dual booting which it's useless.  Lets wake up
> and finally include this on the Live or Alternate CD.

Well, I'm not dual booting (yet) but I want to boot straight from the
array.  That's not possible without using fakeraid.  I might at some
point add an IDE drive holding just a boot partition, though.


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