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Fri Nov 3 15:56:49 GMT 2006

I'm happy that someone finally woke the dmraid giant.  I have attempted to
install Ubuntu on a simple raid setup at home that has Intel ICH5 (fake
raid).  This is a system that I am dual booting, only distro I've gotten to
work out of the box is Fedora (seamlessly).

Now someone created a few different wonderful guides for this, and not all
of these work for everyone.  The guide at is very close I feel it
almost worked on my system (I will try it again, I may have made a misstep).

However I feel regarding FakeRaid, that this needs to be built-into Ubuntu,
this is the only way for the dmraid package to get the attention it needs.
These FakeRaid setups are getting more and more common and it's great for
gamers who dual-boot with Windows.

If we choose not to include it on either the primary or alternate CDs then
we are only causing less testing to be performed with the necessary
packages.  I've fully convinced that this will always be an Achilles heel
for Ubuntu until FakeRaid support is out of the box and requires little

I understand the case for LVM and that software RAID is a better solution
that FakeRaid, UNLESS you are dual booting which it's useless.  Lets wake up
and finally include this on the Live or Alternate CD.

As always I'm willing to assist this effort in any way possible.

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