Peter Gavin pgavin at
Thu Nov 2 21:10:53 GMT 2006


I've been trying to install ubuntu edgy on a fakeraid 0+1 setup.
Unfortunately, the dmraid package included in ubuntu is version
1.0.0.rc9.  This version has a bug which prevents the use of striped
raid arrays in some cases (such as my own).  The latest upstream
version, 1.0.0.rc13, has fixed this bug.  This version of the package
is available in debian unstable, and I am currently using it to
install ubuntu, but I'm not too big on using packages installed
outside of apt.  (I manually downloaded the .deb file and installed

So, my question is, when (if ever) will 1.0.0.rc13 be included in
ubuntu?  Also, what can I do to speed the process up?  I understand
that dmraid is in the universe repository, so if I'm posing my
question in the wrong place, I apologize in advance.  (I'm not
terribly familiar with the Ubuntu development process.)

Thanks in advance,
<pgavin at>

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